Truslice Cutup System

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CellPath’s TruSlice Specimen Cut Up Systems eliminate the possibility of dissection inaccuracies associated with conventional cutting procedures. Suitable for slicing both fresh and fixed tissue, TruSlice enables accurate and consistent grossing of tissue specimens. It significantly reduces the time taken to gross specimens and ensures optimal fixation and high quality tissue processing.

TruSlice is available in a manual or digital style. TruSlice manual utilises colour coded cut inserts to vary the slice thickness (2,3,4 and 5mm), which can be easily changed to adjust to the desired thickness of specimen slice. The digital version allows the user to set their own thickness with a dial.

"As TruSlice is ISO 15189 compliant, it gives us complete confidence in the grossing process through ensuring a consistent and accurate slicing, and will play an increasing role in anatomical grossing procedures at the trust. ." - Dr. G. Orchard, Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust


- TruSlice Literature - 3,562 KB PDF