Slimline Wax Dispenser - 7.5L

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The novel design of the Slimline Wax Dispenser ensures a minimal requirement for bench space, whilst still maintaining a large 7.5L capacity tank for melting up to 6kg of pelletized wax at a time.

A digital temperature control provides a highly accurate temperature setting of the molten wax, and is coupled with an ultra-fast heating system for rapid melting of pelletized wax, with melted wax available for dispensing after only 30 minutes.

Delivery of molten wax is via a high positioned non-drip lever tap, which can be locked in an open position for quick delivery of the wax into various sized containers. The dispensing tap is heated via a dedicated heating system which prevents blockages caused by solidified wax.

  • Large 7.5 Litre capacity (6kg of pelletized wax).

  • Space saving slimline design to minimize footprint.

  • Ultra fast heating system for rapid melting of solidified wax. Molten wax readily available after 30 minutes.

  • Digital temperature control for accurate temperature control.


- Slimline Wax Dispenser Literature - 2.5 MB PDF