Dual Floatation Bath & Section Dryer

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The FL220 Tissue Floatation Bath is a combination unit offering both section floatation and slide drying functions. The unit is a useful tool routinely used in medical laboratories, scientific research institutions, histology laboratories for production of histological sections and slides for pathological investigations and analysis.

- Sophisticated compact design provides a functional arrangement of slide drying and section floatation in the one unit.

- Ergonomically designed with a small and slim body, the front panel is tilted 40 degrees with IC touch-sensitive panel, providing users with an easy and comfortable operation.

- Special grill designed PE outer casing is ideally insulated to avoid water splashes.

- PTFE water bath and drying panel are both treated with a dark colour for contrast to make easy observation of sections.

- Separate control for both bath and dryer, LED digital display, auto memory of last settings included.

- Microprocessor digital temperature control and adjustment system, from room temperature to 99*C, offering accurate temperature settings on demand.

- The stacking tiles of the slide dryer component allows for up to 16 slides to dry at once.


- Dual Flotation Bath & Slide Dryer Literature - 1.6 MB PDF